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All About Woven Fabric And Uses

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Jun. 05, 2021

All About Woven Fabric And Uses

Woven fabric is any textile made by weaving. Woven fabrics are usually made on a loom, woven from a warp thread and a weft thread. Technically speaking, woven fabric refers to any fabric made by interweaving two or more threads at right angles to each other. Woven fabrics can be made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, and are usually made of a mixture of the both.

The history of woven fabrics

The earliest fabric manufactured by mankind is woven fabric. Initially, woven fabrics were only used for clothing. However, as humans began to evolve, kings and religious leaders would decorate their homes with woven fabric tapestries with sophisticated weaving techniques to depict stories and even record historical events.

What are woven fabrics?

Weaving, the process of joining the individual threads together at right angles, has existed for thousands of years. From basket weaving to loom weaving, the process of weaving has been known as early as 27,000 years ago in the Paleolithic Age.

In woven fabrics, threads or yarns are placed perpendicular to each other and then connected together by a pattern called "warp" and "weft". This will create the fabric. Woven fabrics are produced on looms. The loom connects the two sets of yarns by weaving one between the other. The two sets of yarns are perpendicular to each other. One set is called the warp and runs the length of the fabric.

Generally speaking, woven fabrics are stronger and stronger in structure than non-woven fabrics. This is why they are used to make many things that we wear on our skin: cotton shirts, silk skirts or wool sweaters. The woven fabric is elastic but not excessively elastic, so it can maintain its shape well. In addition, the strength of the woven fabric makes the woven fabric very suitable for machine washing and durable use.

How are woven fabrics made?

Woven fabrics are made from braided or knitted yarns, which is how most fabrics are made. Non-woven fabric is made of fiber bonding or felting. Woven fabric consists of weft threads (through the fabric) and warp threads (along the length of the fabric). The edge of the fabric, where the weft yarns are double-backed, to form a non-frayed edge called the selvedge.

What are the types of woven fabrics?

There are three types of woven fabrics. The first is plain weave fabric, where the warp and weft form a simple criss-cross pattern. This weave is strong and durable. The second is a twill fabric, which offsets the weft and warp yarns to form a twill weave. The third type is satin fabric, which is a complex arrangement of warp and weft threads-these organizational forms form fabrics such as jacquard and brocade. Woven fabrics can be light or heavy, depending on the yarns used. For example, from lightweight transparent fabrics to heavy jacquard and velvet fabrics.

Use woven fabric to make curtains

Most curtain fabrics are made of woven fabrics. This fabric can be printed into many different patterns, designs and colors. There are many printing methods, including screen printing and digital printing. When planning your new curtain, the best way to ensure that the curtain fabric you choose is in harmony with your existing décor is to get some fabric samples in the store or through online ordering. Then you can see if the fabric fits your existing color scheme, so that you can avoid expensive mistakes.

Use woven fabrics for interior decoration

Woven fabrics are also ideal upholstery fabrics. It can be used for fixed interior decoration or for loose covers. If necessary, it can also be treated as a flame retardant. Tartan is a popular woven fabric used to cover chairs and sofas. It comes in a variety of colors, from traditional red and green to contemporary colors such as hot pink and blue-green. Wool fabric is a good interior decoration because it is inherently fireproof. Other woven fabrics, such as jacquard fabrics and brocade fabrics are also very resistant, so they are very suitable for repairing broken chairs or sofas. Other items such as headboards and buckets can also be decorated with woven fabrics.

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